Cicada AIO Flight Controller, 4x30A ESC, OSD, PDB und Curren Sensor

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The popular Cicada 4-in-1 ESC just got even better, with the addition of a powerful F4 flight controller! The four onboard BL_Heli-S ESCs each have a peak current rating of 30A, and can run OneShot125, OneShot 42, MultiShot, and even DShot.

The weight savings of the all in one board together with the 36x36mm mounting holes make this ideal for tight builds.


  • Compatible with dshot 600 without modification
  • Blheli_s
  • 3-4s lipo
  • 30A continuous (35A burst)
  • Current sensor
  • 5v/3A bec
  • 36x36mm board with 30.5×30.5 m3 mounting holes (standard FC size)
  • ICM-MPU6000 Accelerometers and Gyroscopes SPI


  • DShot supported ESC
  • Constant current: 30A
  • Burst current: 35A
  • 3-4S LiPo Support
  • On Board Current Sensor
  • BEC 5V (1A)
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 36 mm
  • Mounting Hole: 30.5mm x 30.5mm
  • Weight: ~22g


  • Sunrise Cicada All-in-One AIO 30A BLHeli_S ESC & F4 FC
  • Power wire (1xRed and 1xBlack)
  • Nylon spacers, screws and nuts

Betaflight Handbuch von Philipp Seidel