ZMX FinX23 FR05-2.6K IJN Umikaze

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Designed based on the most popular ZMX V3 2206-2600KV motor, ZMX FinX23 (Pronounced as /:phoenix/) is truely a reborn. With design goal to keep the torque and power of the all-time-popular ZMX V3, we strive for the lightest package possible. At just over 23g dry weight, ZMX FinX23 gives you the lightest build possible without compromising on torque and speed.


  • DALProp T5044 „Trapezoid“
  • HQ 5×4.3×3 V1S
  • HQ 5x4x3
  • DALProp T5040 V2
  • HQ 5x4x4
  • DALProp Q5040

**Recommended AUW: Frigate Class (FR) sub 250g dry weight

**Please use 4 screws to mount the motors


  • Stator diameter: 22mm
  • Stator height: 5.5mm
  • Magnet: N52SH
  • Patented String Theory (TM) Flux ring-All Rights Reserved
  • Windings: 9+9 turns Delta-True KV = 2610KV
  • Silicone wire: 20cm 20AWG
  • 7075-T7 Aluminum construction
  • Weight: 23.2g (with short wire)