Dquad Obsession V2 Stretched

CHF 106.90

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Taking drone design to the next level! The combination of aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber not only makes this frame super fancy but also really strong! This frame supports up to 5.5inch props and has its own 2mm thick bottom plates. The rest of the cage is the same as a DQUAD OBSESSION V2. Note that this frame doesn’t come with a PDB.


A combination of carbon plus aluminum and the fact you can easily swap arms make sure you get as much flight time (and crashes) as possible.

Bare frame weight is 94 grams


The aluminum brackets form a very strong rollcage which protect all important hardware. The carbon sideplates have a series of holes so you can mount and adjust the FPV camera (optimized for HS1190)


A 30 and 40 degrees Gopro Session mount .stl file is availabe for download which can be 3D printed and mounted to the frame with use of the supplied spacers and bolts. No strap is needed.


A 2mm thick vtx antenna mounting plate is supplied which angles your antenna at exactly 45 degrees which is optimal for signal strength as well as crash resistancy. We also designed a custom 3D printed part to protect your XT60 connector from being ripped off in a hard crash



  • Tip of the arms are now less „pointy“ and we removed the cutout to avoid fast wearing of these tips.
  • The arms are now 2mm wider (15mm instead of 13mm) and we also removed the small curve near the aluminum bracket. This makes the width of the arms significantly wider at this critical spot.
  • We removed the holes from the top and bottom plates. And also made these 2mm thick instead of 1.5mm.
  • The XT-60 bracket is now made out of PET-G. A material that is significantly stronger than PLA. Also the design has changed a bit to strengthen the critical areas.
  • Every change is compatible with the previous version and all parts are interchangeable .