HellGate FPV Buzzer DUO

CHF 27.90

NICHT am Lager



  • LOUD – measured 110-111dB with 2 directional sound direction so it can be better heard regardless of fallen craft orientation
  • Even longer lasting (tested to last up to 3 weeks when internal battery is fully charged after approximately 1 hour of flying with it)
  • PWM control capable, so also wing or plane pilots can now use it and control directly via PWM signal from RX
  • 5.8 grams light, which is slightly more than the 2g tiny model but since it is meant to be used on heavier and long-range setups we do not consider that as an issue.
  • Dimensions are 13.2 x 14.8 x 27.4 mm
  • Target groups: LR quads or those where pilots don’t count every gram, Wings, Planes, anything with RX that can be lost and missed