TBS PowerCube Flightcontroller Colibri Race V2.0

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  • STM32F303 based chipset for ultimate performance
  • PPM, SBUS, DSM, DSMX input (5V and 3.3V provided over internal BUS)
  • 6 PWM ESC output channels (autoconnect, internal BUS)
  • Choose between plug & play sockets or solder pads for R/C and buzzer
  • 36x36mm standard size (30.5mm standard raster)
  • RGB LED strip support incl. power management
  • Extension port for GPS / external compass / pressure sensor
  • UART port for peripherals (Blackbox, FrSky telemetry etc.)
  • 5V buzzer output
  • Runs Betaflight, Cleanflight and Baseflight
  • 3x status LED (DCDC pwr/ 3.3V pwr/ status)
  • Weight: 4.4g


  • 1x TBS Powercube Flight Control
  • 4x Black top nut

Betaflight Handbuch von Philipp Seidel

*The current Colibri will require a quick correction to be used with older Powercube PDB’s (non V2.0), click here for a guide.


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