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RotorX RXSwitchBack Frame

CHF 45.00In den Warenkorb

Ultra efficient for long range micro epicness. Raised rear motors means propellers are always flying in clean air. Designed to fit Runcam Micro natively, to make it one of the lightest HD recording drones available! Now you don’t have to…

RotorX RX3044SB

CHF 4.90In den Warenkorb

The best just got better. We have enhanced the design of our previously top performing RX3040T to be more efficient and still have higher thrust. Please welcome the RX3044T 3″ tri-blade propeller. By far the best all round tri-blade propeller…

RotorX Atom V2 Rucksack

CHF 49.00 CHF 23.00In den Warenkorb

Designed with the Atom V2 in mind. This backpack with fit any sub 150mm drone plus transmitter and batteries. Those of us who love micros, realize keeping all your gear in a small, easy to carry case is ideal to…

RotorX T-Shirt (S)

CHF 22.00 CHF 9.00In den Warenkorb

The classic RotorX Atom T-shirt Astro Boy infront of an Atomic structure. In Japan, Astro Boy is translated to Atom. Since our background comes from naming products from Japanese mythology – why not.