ETHIX Chesty

CHF 54.90

NICHT am Lager


Introducing the Ethix tactical chest rig. Made of heavy-duty industrial-grade nylon, this exciting piece of kit offers some serious convenience to so many scenarios. From harboring everything you would need working a film set, to grabbing a few batteries and running to that epic vantage point for that last bit of golden hour light. Providing just the right amount of space, the chest rig is one of the most useful pieces of kit out there.

Offering 3X velcro locking elastic battery pouches that firmly grip a wide variety of pack sizes. Velcro-covered loops for walkie-talkies on the upper chest straps. Multiple non-spill double zipper pockets with pull tabs, including removable internal elastic straps for tools, battery checkers, and ND filter cases. A larger rear pocket is lined with a durable coating designed to house up to 8” props and other sharp objects. 2x easily accessible GoPro battery or general accessory pockets.

One of the most exclusive concepts is the non-interference adjustable radio lanyard, for pilots who want to go hands-free while rummaging for the right tool or a battery swap.

This chest rig is completely adjustable and fits a wide variety of pilot sizes. A large velcro pad on the rear of the chesty can even be attached to other velcro-accepting tactical equipment. All straps are held on with quick disconnect clips and can be swapped around or completely removed in a matter of seconds.

I’m sure there are so many more things you guys will find this awesome piece of gear useful for. Thank you for your continued support and please if you use one of these please tag us @ethixltd we love to see them in the wild.