HDZero Race V2

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The HDZero Race VTX is a digital HD 720p 60fps video transmitter capable of delivering up to 200mw on 5.8GHz. It works with the Shark Byte RX5.1 goggle module to transmit video, and with a remote controller to wirelessly control the parameters for the transmitter and camera.


Model: HDZero Race V2
SKU: HDZ3140
Frequency: 5.8G
Resolution Default: 1280*720@60fps
RF power: 25mw/200mw
RF Connector: Secured U.FL
Interface: 4 lane MIPI CSI YUV422
Video Connector: 20 Position 0.30mm Pitch
Size: 34mm x 34mm x 6mm
Weight: 5.9g
Power: 410mA@12V
power input: 7V-26V(2S-6S)
Mounting: 20mm x 20mm M4 with rubber grommets



HDZero Race V2 VTX * 1;

Power/ Uart Cables * 5;

Zip ties * 4;

Rubber Grommet (M4 to M3) * 8

u.FL Antenna Retention Screws * 4/Nut * 4/Plate * 1

Evan Turner 3 time MultiGP champ proves HDZero digital racing has arrived!

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