TinysLEDs EMAX TinyHawk VTX/RX Sled

CHF 4.90

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Free your EMAX TinyHawk Freestyle quad from short range. Installing this board will allow you to easily mount a RX and TBS Unify Nano VTX  (Pro/Pro32) to the TinyHawk Freestyle.

Note: the PCB is now White in color to match the bottom plate of the Tinyhawk.

Remove STOCK RX  antenna if you are replacing it before install board.

This board mounts using existing PINS for stock VTX. Remove 1 of the plast spacers from each of the pins so there is only 1 remaining and then align holes on board and slide down. Unscrew nut on other side mounting board on the standoff opposite side of usb.

NOTE: Mounting RX. do not use the black spacers on pins. You will need to remove them after solder. The RX needs to be closer to main board. Check the distance until it if just above the VTX, about 1mm. Then secure the RX by soldering the pins. You may place a thin piece of VHB beneath RX to assist in mounting.

Use pins for Crossfire RX on CH3,4 to use Crossfire control.

Do not use pins on Ch3,4 if you wish to use FC Smart Audio. You must then bring pads for FC SA, Setup TBS Smart audio on UART 2

Wire Pads 1 to the RX 1 and 2 to TX 1 underneath FC. Setup Serial RX on UART 1

Weight: .8 grams

Contents:  1x Mounting board

(no pins are included, use pins supplied with RX and VTX.)

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