VAS 868Mhz XFire Pro Antenna (U.FL)

CHF 9.90

NICHT am Lager



No longer do you need to make a compromise when choosing a receiver antenna for your TBS Crossfire receivers.  The XFire Pro is a professional performance antenna that does it all without compromise.  Despite the small size at only 2.5” in length (less than half the length of the Immortal T), the XFire Pro is a long range receiver antenna that is not only cross-polarized to eliminate polarization loss, but also has no nulls so you never have to worry about your signal dropping out due to antenna orientation.  The XFire Pro can be mounted via its cable or just with a bolt or zip tie through one of the antennas 4 mounting holes.   The Ultra-flex version adds even more durability to the antenna by being able to be bent to an extreme radius before damage results.


  • Gain: 2.9dbi
  • Polarization: cross polarized linear
  • Weight: ~1 gram including cable