HGLRC 2812 LED Controller und W554B LEDs Combo PJ01282

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HGLRC 2812 LED Controller

Input Voltage:2-6S
Installing Hole:20*20.M3
Weight: 1.7g

LED function buttons:
1. Short press to switch colors.
2. Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter the blinking mode switch
(LED status light is always on)
Blinking mode:
Steady / Fast Flash / Breathing Light / Colorful Slow Flash

LED Controller + W554B bundle

1x 2812 LED Controller
1x 30 AWG yellow Cable 100mm
1x 30 AWG red Cable 100mm
1x 30 AWG black Cable 100mm
4x W554B LED light board
1x 60mm*10mm Heat shrink tube
4x 50mm*8mm Heat shrink tube