Caddx Dolphin HD Actioncam

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The Caddx Dolphin is a cube style HD action camera with some standout features that make it a viable alternative to the RunCam 5, and at a more affordable price point too.

The Dolphin records in 1080P at 30fps, which although isn’t as high as the 4K resolution offered by other cameras on the market, it still takes great footage and is probably the cheapest way to record 1080p footage from your quad. Where the camera really excels is in its ability to record in very low light levels. Thanks to its Sony Exmor CMOS sensor with Starlight technology, the Dolphin can record in situations where other cameras like the GoPro Session, Foxeer Box 2 or RunCam 5 see practically nothing! It also boasts great battery life, it can record for up to 3 hours, in comparison the RunCam 5 offers up to 90mins.

Another selling point of the camera is that it has a IP64 splash-proof housing that matches the dimensions of the GoPro Session. This allows you to use it with the wide variety of the Session mounts and compatible quad frames already available. The Dolphin is also very light so your flight time won’t take a hit; at 49grams it’s 25g lighter than the GoPro Session.

While the Caddx was primarily designed for racing quads, it could also be used for home security applications too. It features Internet connectivity that allows you to connect to it remotely via the DophiGo App or locally over WiFi, and it comes with a neat magnetic adjustable mount.


  • 1080p Video Recording
  • Good Low Light Performance
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • WiFi Video Stream
  • App Control

Low Light Level Comparison with RunCam 5