NewBeeDrone Insta360 One R Dual Lens Camera Protector

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With the NewBeeDrone Insta360 One R Dual Lens Camera Protector, your 360 degree camera is safe from landings on rough surfaces.

We designed the NewBeeDrone Invisi360 so that you can get 360 degrees of uninterrupted video in any scenario. To do so, the Insta360 camera lens is exposed. Some pilots bring a soft mat to land on, but in the event of a crash the camera is still susceptible to damage!

We’ve sourced the highest quality material to make this lens protector. These lenses are multi-coated (MRC) lens which will prevent flares and added durable strength – the lens will reliably protect your expensive equipment without affecting the video quality.


  • 2x lens protectors
  • 4x application stickers