TBS RaceTracker LED Gate Interface

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The TBS RaceTracker LED Gate Interface transforms any any WS2812B RGB LED strip into a „Smart Gate“. When connected to your TBS RaceTracker it will dynamically color the LED gates according to the TBS frequency/color scheme, and it will show other things like race start/stop, gate lock/unlock, fastest lap, etc. Supports multiple pilots for a single Race Tracker as well using the latest firmware upgrade!

The best use-case for this is to have a start/finish gate that dyanmically shows spectators the above race parameters without having to sift through „standings tables“. With a few of these hooked to Race Trackers you could even animate your entire course! Since it works with pretty much every LED strip out of the box, the only limit is your imagination!


  • 1x TBS RaceTracker LED Gate Interface board with XT60 connector
  • 1x 6-pin Molex Picoblade 1.25mm cable


  • Compatible with 5V and 12V LED gates
  • Voltage input: See above, must match LED gate voltage (!!!)
  • Max 120 RGB Drivers supported
  • TBS RaceTracker connector: 6-pin 1.25mm Molex Picoblade
  • Power Input: XT60

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